Crowd-sourced geo-tagged market research

PLACEFORMER is a platform to help in your business decisions via crowd-sourced geo-tagged data collection
Define your research

Define what you want to research.
Choose data attributes you need to collect. Define geographic areas of interest. Define the price per datapoint that you are willing to pay.

Publish and wait for bids

Interested Researchers will bid to collect data in your defined areas.
You choose among bidders with price-rating ratio suitable for you.

Researchers collect your data

Chosen Researchers per area submit relevant geotagged datapoints and pictures. You can track progress in real time on your dashboard.

Receive your results

After a defined collect time period you can choose to accept only quality data analytics.
You just received your customized and geo-tagged market research at an affordable price defined by you!

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How Placeformer works

Free Web app registration and free Mobile Application. Try it as Free user, earn money as a Researcher or get your custom market research done as a Requester.
Placeformer is in free promo period

During the promo period Placeformer Web and Mobile App are free, you can try it as a Free user, register to earn money as a Researcher or get your custom market research done as a Requester.

  • Free users

    Use the platform to view and add datapoints to free and public research tasks

  • Requester

    Use the platform to perform market research of any kind and view progress of your research.

  • Researcher

    Use the platform to bid for a research tasks in your area. Complete the research by submitting relevant geo-tagged data and pictures. Get paid for your efforts!


Placeformer usage scenarios

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